Enjoy our Annual Christmas Eve Service (a powerful evening of scripture woven with Christmas & worship songs).

We also celebrate Jesus with an All In Family Christmas Service!


awkward family christmas (advent series)

Most families are a wonderful combination of love, frustration, affection and dysfunction! The lives of Joseph & Mary were no different. In this series we look at their struggles, challenges and the hope that Jesus - the Messiah brought to their life. 

He does the same thing for us today!


heart of worship

The Vineyard movement began with a group of Christians gathered in a small living room. They were weary of dry religion, so they sought to engage God's presence in heart felt worship. With just a guitar and a few chords, what began as a small group's thirst for the presence of the Holy Spirit grew into a church movement all over the world, impacting multiple denominations. In this series we look to the Bible to understand the place of worship in the life of a follower of Jesus.


hey jude - a series in the book of jude

The book of Jude is a short book in the Bible that packs a big punch! Jude addresses contending for our faith and discerning the message of Jesus in a world that can sometimes be filled with a lot of noise. In this series we explore what the Bible says about it all as we unpack the New Testament book of Jude.


his mercy is more ~ a series in lamentations

Join us as we journey the book of Lamentations. In Lamentations, we learn that if we're real before God, letting Him into our struggles and pains, He's faithful to bring peace and hope. In this book, Jeremiah teaches us that we can experience the Kingdom truths that Jesus promises even in the midst of life's uncertainties, disappointments and pain.



"Moses was someone who heard and answered a call— one that involved serving, giving, investing in others and asking for more of God in his life. His calling was not a matter of Moses deciding on a life goal and then strategically planning for its achievement. Rather Moses was simply asked to respond in faith to a call that came from God. In this sermon series we’ll explore different aspects of God’s call and share practical ways to hear, answer, and apply God’s call to our lives." 

In this sermon series we'll explore what the Bible says about the call of a Christian and hear from some of Two Rivers members as they share about their journey and response to the call that God has on their life.


"journey to the cross" ~ holy week at trvc

Sunday 03/28, Palm Sunday. We'll be exploring the "Shadow of the Cross".

Thursday 04/01, Stations of the cross & a time of worship. 5 - 8 pm (worship at 7:30).

Friday 04/02, Good Friday Service at 6 pm.

Sunday 04/04, Easter / Resurrection Sunday! He is risen, He is risen indeed! 



We've all been wounded. We carry wounds from broken relationships, shattered dreams and our own choices. Time can offer perspective, but without dealing with our hurts, they often come out ugly in our life. The good news is that Jesus can heal those wounds and His church is called to be a healing community!



Our Two Rivers Youth Group helped lead our service! They served on the worship team, welcome, greeters, communion & participated in the message! Krista (our Youth Group leader) focused our attention on three parables.


"show & tell"

In our series "Show and Tell" , our first series in 2021, we'll notice that Jesus modeled a ministry of doing and teaching in His proclamation of the Kingdom. We're taking two or three weeks to examine what that looks like in the local church. 

Join us in-person or online, it all starts at 10 am on Sundays!