In times of change

Change and transitions were big themes during the last months of 2016.  

That was certainly true for us as a church as we prepared for a transition of pastoral leadership.  

But change is happening all around us all the time - in our country, in wider culture, and in many of our individual lives.  

How do we respond to times of change?  In this series, we explore 3 key actions we can take in seasons of transition.


Encounters with God

Can one encounter change someone's life?  

In this series, we looked at key characters from the Old Testament, how their encounters with God changed the trajectory of their lives, and how God wants to redirect our lives as we encounter Him.


No longer

To start the fall of 2016, our series titled "No Longer" looked at some powerful things God

says to us about the new identity we can have in and through Christ.  

Our main texts for this series came from Romans, Chapter 8 - one of the richest sections in all of Scripture. 



To close out the summer of 2016 at TRVC, we did a short series on the important topic of prayer


All-in, All-together 2016:

Continuing The ministry of Jesus

During the summer of 2016, we picked up on a great study by Vineyard pastor & theologian Derek Morphew,

looking at some of the major themes in the New Testament books of Luke and Acts, 

studying what they have to say about our mission to continue the ministry of Jesus in our day.   


direction For life

To close out the spring of 2016 we had a 3-part series about finding direction and guidance in life.


The Vineyard Core

What are the key pieces of vision and the core values that shape us as followers of Jesus?  

And how do those get worked out in the context of our local church?  

In April and May 2016 our series titled "Vineyard Core" answered some of these questions, as well as picking up on a few themes that Phil Strout (VineyardUSA National Director) had been sharing around the country in recent months.  


The last WEek

For the 2016 season of Lent, we took an extended look at the events and meaning of the final days leading up to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection . . . giving special attention to the accounts of these events found in the Gospel of Mark. 


Life Together

In January/February 2016, we took a look at things the Bible has to say about our need for each other, the power of authentic community, and how we can overcome some of the common obstacles we face in our pursuit of life-giving relationships.