In this series we explore some of the main themes of the Scripture as we trace the threads of the Bible through both Old & New Testament.  Journey with us into the Big Picture.

Jesus:The Real Deal

Culture and history have described & identified Jesus in many ways. In our "Jesus:The Real Deal" series we'll be focusing our attention on the person, claims and work of Jesus according to the Bible.

"fully alive" series

Our "Fully Alive" series is based on Habakkuk 2:4.  In this series we explore what the Bible says about becoming alive, really alive in different areas of our lives.  Visit our other options under Sermons for earlier messages.

Thinking back looking forward - "because you say" & "BE THE CHURCH" vision talks

The first 2 Sunday's in 2018 we're focusing some attention on vision and what Jesus is calling our church to in 2018..