Our Summer Series is a time of church family engagement and will cover a

variety of events and topics.

hard conversations

In this series, we look at scripture to address areas and topics

that can become barriers to, and trip us up in, our faith.

being light

God told us to "Be the Light of the World" What does that mean for us?

Mother's Day and

the shocking nearness of god

Today as we honor mothers on Mother's Day, we may be feeling a mixed bag of emotions. 

Whether you are a mother yourself or simply remember experiences with your own mother, 

some of these emotions can be good, others can be bad, or even some are somewhere in between. 

The great news is that God is Shockingly Near, right now!

Today Andrea Brinkert walks us through some experiential reflection about Jesus' mother Mary

as well as some truths about how God comes close to us in times of mixed feelings

and we learn how to build our family and friendship relationships in a God-honoring way.


Love Starts here

As we approach the last part of the Lenten Season and move into the Easter Season, 

this series called "LOVE STARTS HERE" explores the Cross of Jesus: 

where the love of the Father for us is manifested through the obedience of Jesus at the cross.

Laura Pearce Mission work commissioning

Today we commission Laura Pearce to do the work to which God has called her in Africa.  

Laura is leaving to join the rest of the World Venture team in Kigali, Rwanda

for her two and a half years of missions work.

In Kigali she will serve as the Project Manager and Strategic Planner for New Creation Ministries,

a nonprofit organization providing training and resources for Rwandan pastors and leaders.

Why we worship

God calls us to worship Him. But what does that mean to us as followers and believers in Jesus?

Over the next few weeks we will take a closer look at worship;  not so much about WHAT worship is, but rather WHY we worship.

The Father's Imprint

Over the next few weeks we will study how God's presence impacts us by looking at God's Imprint; His lasting impression on us.

A People of god's presence

In the upcoming weeks and months we will be unpacking what it is to be a people of God's presence; what it means and what it looks like to position ourselves to be engaged in what God is doing, not just in our church, but also in our community.

a New year, a new season

With the beginning of the New Year and in the midst of this transition of Pastoral Leadership in our church, 

we reflect on how God has met us over the last year with grace, patience, and goodness. 

We also look forward with anticipation

for the ways that God will continue to meet us in the months and years to come