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Two Rivers Vineyard Church is a Jesus-centered community that longs to make a difference in Greater Mankato and around the world. Together, we enjoy life, pursue God and help each other grow. We would love to have you join us!

10 am Sunday Service

1400 Madison Ave, Suite 208, Mankato

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  • In September and October, we are diving into one of the richest chapters in the whole Bible - Romans, Chapter 8.  This section of Scripture has so much to say about the new identity we can have in Christ... that we are No Longer Condemned, No Longer Abandoned, No Longer Slaves To Fear, No Longer Hopeless or Helpless.   Starting September 11th.  

  • Encounters With God - Starting October 23

    Can one encounter really change everything?   In this series, we'll be looking at the stories of key figures in the Old Testament, and how their encounters with God changed the entire trajectories of their lives.  We believe the same can be true for us.