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Two Rivers Vineyard Church is a Jesus-centered community that longs to make a difference in the world. Together, we enjoy life, pursue God and help each other grow. We would love to have you join us!

10 am Sunday Service

1400 Madison Ave, Suite 208, Mankato

For more information about what to expect on Sundays, click here.

  • In January and February, we are looking at things the Bible has to say about our need for each other, the power of authentic community, and how we can overcome common obstacles we face in the pursuit of life-giving relationships.

  • The last week - A new sermon series (beginning February 21, 2016)

    For the 2016 season of Lent, we will be taking an extended look at the events and meaning of the final days leading up to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. We'll be giving special attention to the accounts of these events found in the Gospel of Mark.

  • men's boot camp (march 31-April 3)

    Many of us are so busy and distracted and wounded that we rarely take time to listen for what God is saying to us. That's why the team at Wild Goose is all about hosting events where men can take a few days to step away from the everyday and focus on hearing from God. Our events are based on the Wild At Heart boot camps led by John Eldredge. Register here.

  • The cause conference (April 7-10)

    The CauseCon is a gathering place for young adults to connect with each other and leaders in the Vineyard, inspire one another, and engage in the story of Jesus. We'll laugh together, share meals with one another, worship together and be challenged by the cause of Christ, that each one of us is invited into - together. Register here.

  • women's conference (April 21-23)

    This is the annual Regional Women's Conference hosted by the Duluth Vineyard. This year's special guest speaker is Eleanor Mumford from England. Register here.